Medical and Dental Practice Accounting

Plainfield medical accountant

Managing a medical or dental practice is about patient care but the accounting can get in the way. Have more time available to work with your patients by outsourcing time-consuming accounting and bookkeeping tasks to Jevic CPA Tax Solutions, LLC . We understand the healthcare industry and know how to profitably manage the financial side of your practice with a wide range of accounting services and tax planning techniques. With our assistance and guidance, your practice will reduce taxes, streamline accounting processes, and meet or exceed industry benchmarks.

As your CPA firm, we’ll do more than provide top-notch accounting services and a proactive tax plan, we’ll become your trusted resource for financial advice. As your practice evolves, we’ll be with you through various stages of growth and expansion to provide the optimal financial solutions and the tax strategies you need to grow profits and your personal wealth. Best of all, when you need our advice most, we’ll make ourselves available to answer questions and discuss any major business decisions that could impact your finances.

CPA for Doctors and Dentists

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